“As a mother, it is paramount to read something that pertains to my children from different perspectives.  As a pediatrician, I also feel that having different ‘voices’ gives your book a lot of strength. The topics that you center on are completely relevant to today’s parents.”
Aimee Goodman, DO

“Such a great book and I’ve so much fun reading it! It is surprisingly objective and evidence-based, without over-simplifying or misinterpreting the research findings suggesting “association” than “causation”, which is super rare in today’s myopia management clinical society… the stories are very touching and personable, and I applause you for the great effort in this book, as well as your years of dedication to managing juvenile myopia!”
Maria Liu, OD, PhD, MPH, MBA, FAAO
Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry and Vision Science: UC Berkeley

“From a parent’s perspective, I found the honesty refreshing.”
Jen Mullen, COVT
Vision Therapist

“As a teacher, too much emphasis has been placed on high academic achievement, many times at the expense of personal happiness. The physical art of communication and problem solving has been lost to technology and texting.  Too many times, I have seen children not know how to talk to each other… Your book was very insightful.  After identifying the problem, you offered options to address it. These options ranged from medical, through time management to leading by example.  I couldn’t agree more!  I hope people will embrace the opportunity to read and learn from this book.”
Eileen Porada
Teacher, Grandmother

“The eye care community needs this!!”
Eef van der Worp, OD, PhD, FAAO
Educator, Author, Editor

“A great collection of stories and experiences from your practice and from your heart. For me, it was easy to relate to as I’ve shared the same experiences with my patients and their parents… I can always tell the parts that you wrote because you write just as you speak… Even though it is directed at parents of myopic children, I think many general ECPs will hear the message that the standard-of-care on myopia is changing.” 
Michael Lipson, OD, FAAO
Clinical Assistant Professor, Opthalmology and Visual Sciences: University of Michigan

“Tying together how technological and social changes impact myopia development, and how this interacts with what Dr. D refers to as “social myopia”, a picture of a whole child is painted.  It is the whole child that sits in our exam chair, not just pair of eyes.”
Steve Jacobs, OD, MS

“While presenting very different perspectives, the book manages to deliver a cohesive message. Although the intention of your practice and the book are important and true, you face an uphill battle in convincing parents that there isn’t an easy solution to myopia that can simply be “Googled”… Paradigm shifts are generally not smooth, but you’re fighting the good fight and the book lays out the issues in both a direct and compassionate manner.”
Jay Hochheiser, LCSW
Clinical Social Work/Therapist

“Children you see are very fortunate that you have found a very effective way to have them restore and maintain excellent vision and avoid wearing eyeglasses with frames.  I think they are even more fortunate that you have gone beyond the usual call of duty as a doctor to restore health and alert them and their parents about their overall health.”
Jamie Huang-Teng
Physics Teacher

“A comprehensive, well-organized, informed, easy to read educational book. The increase in myopia worldwide is alarming and worrisome to every parent, educator and health provider. Your book is not just a wake-up call, but also provides the advice, treatment options and problem solving solutions. Congrats! You’ve just done it again!”
Shunli Hou, MD

“It is a very effective blend of education, research findings and motivational vignettes while allowing both of your voices to come through authentically. Well-written and edited, pleasing to the eye, and a genuine pleasure to read. I learned a lot. But my favorite part is your honesty, Nick, in recounting your own sons’ stories and how that experience has informed your optometric and life philosophies. I didn’t expect to find such emotional depth and heartfulness in a vision care book, and it was a real treat. I suspect your current and future patients will love it.”
Michael Gallaway OD, FCOVD, FAAO
Associate Professor, Salus University

“I think the language and how it is written is something that can be read, understood, and enjoyed by healthcare professionals, as well as the layperson. This will really touch home with ECPs and parents. The story of Kimberly Lee shared, and your recommendations on raising happy children are so tangible and relatable to not only parents but anyone that interacts with children these days. I immediately thought of my two nieces when reading those last two chapters – well really, the entire book, and already told my sister to pick up a copy of the book and let her Mom’s Group friends know about it.”
Antonio Chirumbolo, OD
Associate Director of Marketing at CovalentCareers

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