WATCH: Co-author Dr. Nicholas Despotidis presents his lecture “A Childhood Disease Worth Preventing” at TEDxAsburyPark in May 2018, discussing how his passion for healthy eyesight led him to discover that the current myopia epidemic is much more than a vision problem. It’s also a physical manifestation of a broader problem: Social Myopia.

WATCH: Co-author Dr. Nicholas Despotidis speaks on the importance of encouraging children to develop leadership & relationship-building skills. For “Dr D.”, eye contact is as much about character as it is eyesight.


WATCH: Co-Author Dr. Noah Tannen discusses the kinds of relationships he and his colleagues develop with their patients and what motivates him as an eye doctor.


WATCH: Dr. Ivan Lee, husband to co-author Kimberly Lee and colleague of Drs. Despotidis & Tannen at their practice, speaks about the challenges that screens & devices can present for the development of the eyesight & character of their patients.